Anne-Laure Boutin Nougaret

Quality Insurance Manager

Telephone (Canada and U.S.A.)

1 800 665-2659

Telephone (Europe)

FR 00 11 22 33 44 55 

CH 00 11 22 33 44 55 

Learn more about me

I test the new features

After several years of experience in the hospitality industry in France and Canada, I did a professional training in order to work in software quality assurance. By joining the Hotello team, I perfectly combine my 2 training courses in both hospitality and Quality Assurance. So before you can use a new feature, I’m the one who tests it and puts it to the test, thus verifying the business rules and its effectiveness.

My passions

At the top of the list, we find travel. Then comes pastries, it’s not just about tasting them, my first passion is to make them. I enjoy making pastries from various cultures that I have had the chance to discover during my travels.