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Hotel managers say it all

“Hotello is a flexible tool that enables you to build your own strategy. Their customer service is on point and being an hotelier from Montreal, I appreciate the fact that we have a local service. The variety of the features is also important depending on the size of hotel you have.”

Sales ans Marketing Director
Hôtel Monville

“The software is easy to use and easy enough to teach Hotello to new front desk employees. I have been using Hotello for 7 years and I am really satisfied with its functionalities. The customer service team is easily reachable and they answer quickly. There is always a follow-up that is done with a member of their team and one of our team, we really appreciate the service offered. Also, the marketing team is so efficient. I definitely recommend doing business with this great team.”

Ivana Zoretic
Director of accommodation
Estrimont Suites & SPA