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Simple software and efficient

“Focused on customer management, the software is simple and training can be done efficiently in a short time. The customer service is very efficient. The training capsules are very useful.”

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The best product

“The design of the accounting feature is perfect, the software has a lot of features that help with management and reservation. Hotello has an excellent customer service, which allows the…

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Good and intuitive software

“The software is intuitive. Their Marketing team is really helpful and advises us on the best products that fit our needs.”

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A customer service that is, by far, one of the best

“The customer service alone makes this a wonderful product! The customer service! Prompt, efficient, and friendly, it is by far one of the best! Hotello is without a doubt a…

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It is an excellent software!

“Great software! I teach Hotello and I find the system user-friendly and easy to use. I am currently replacing a colleague on maternity leave who was initially teaching the course.…

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A smooth PMS transition

“A great collaboration! The entire Mount Stephen Hotel’s team would like to thank Hotello’s team for the smooth transition to our new PMS system. We greatly appreciated your professionalism and…

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Excellent products and services

“Hotello’s PMS is easy to use and offers multiple features and great products. Also, the Hotello team often informs us of new features available, and they are always up to…

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A user-friendly and efficient software

“Hotello offers an excellent technical support and they keep updating you with new tools or services available. They are well organized for the migration and training, while also offeringa good…

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Automation at the customer’s service

Hotel Monville

Interview with Jean-Cédric Callies, sales and marketing director

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