Marketing solutions that build guest loyalty

Build a strong relationship through email marketing and gather valuable insights about the quality of their stay by using a satisfaction survey.
Hotello offers two marketing features to help you build customer loyalty and measure guest satisfaction.

Want to reach out? Effective newsletters have never been so easy!

Use Hotello’s integrated email marketing platform to stay in touch with your guests. Customize your newsletters based on the collected client data. Use advanced statistics to measure the impact of your newsletters and improve your marketing content.

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Data at your fingertips

Find all your guests’ information and stay histories in your marketing platform. Your contacts statistical data compiled by Hotello are integrated in your email marketing platform for even more effective campaigns.

Ask your guests to evaluate their stay with a satisfaction survey

Give your guests the opportunity to rate their experience and collect information on the quality of their stay.
Make the most of post-stay surveys and their valuable information to improve your guest experience.

What does effective hotel marketing look like?

Draw on this inspiration to design the best marketing strategy for your hotel.

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Looking to maximize sharpen your marketing strategy?

Here are some tips to make your outreach even more effective and to get the most out of your investment!

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