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Caroline Fournier

How to build guest loyalty on the long term according to our expert

“You have to keep in mind that a loyal guest is necessarily satisfied, but a satisfied guest is not always loyal. It is important to meet, and even exceed, their requirements throughout their stay. In…

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Catherine Daoust

Is a satisfied customer necessarily loyal?

“Satisfaction is a punctual state that can be extended over time, while loyalty is represented by a lasting attachment towards your brand. Although satisfaction and loyalty are closely linked, a satisfied client is not necessarily…

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Caroline Fournier

A good client follow-up after the onboarding of Hotello is important

“Once the implementation process is completed, the role of the Client Success department is to support the hotelier in implementing new or best practices to optimize daily work and the use of Hotello. It is…

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Sarah Trépanier

Support and expertise set Hotello apart

“Support and expertise, two unique traits that allows to stand out. Hotello stands out thanks to its specialists’ support and expertise, for all types of properties. Moreover, our proximity with our customers helps us to…

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Catherine Cantin

Convince your property’s staff of the need for change

“As in many aspects of our lives, communication is the key. Share goals you want to achieve with your team and the advantages this change will have on their work. Be transparent and involve your…

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Valérie Amiot

The importance of a successful leading change within a property

“With the pandemic that we are experiencing since last year, we can certainly say that the hospitality industry has asked for its share of creativity and an obligation to reinvent itself. Whether in times of…

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Laura Yee Kui Choi

A successful guest experience in the hospitality industry

“A successful guest experience is customer-centered before, during and after their stay so that they can feel unique, privileged and accompanied. Moreover, keep in mind that the guest experience is at the heart of a…

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Nicolas Audiffren

The importance of personalizing a guest experience in the hospitality industry

“It’s important to personalize your experience, and independent hoteliers have this unique chance to stand out from other properties. Indeed, making a stay personal is precisely where such a distinction can be made in comparison…

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Claudine Vio

Offer an outstanding guest experience with Hotello

“Hotello is at the heart of the property’s ecosystem and plays a leading role in each step of the customer journey, from the reservation until the guest’s departure. To transform this journey into an unforgettable…

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Sarah Trépanier

Transform your property’s guest experience thanks to Sarah’s advice

1- Play the game We have invest some time to put ourselves in our guests’ shoes. It seems simple but it’s not an easy exercise. We must allow ourselves to think outside the box and unleash our…

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Karine Thibeault

Is it necessary for a property to adapt its guest experience?

“Of course! It follows each step of the guest’ stay: from the moment he/she wishes to book his/her accommodation to the satisfaction follow-up following his/her stay. Each of these steps is crucial to ensure an…

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Valérie Amiot – Hotello

The guest experience in the hospitality industry according to Valérie

“The guest experience in the hospitality industry gathers all the stages of a stay that connect a property and its guest. There are many examples: whether by planning your stay and looking at the website,…

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