Transform your property’s guest experience thanks to Sarah’s advice

1- Play the game

We have invest some time to put ourselves in our guests’ shoes. It seems simple but it’s not an easy exercise. We must allow ourselves to think outside the box and unleash our craziest ideas in order to find the essence of the experience we want to reproduce.

2- Focus on small changes

The smallest change can have the biggest impact. You don’t have to change everything at once. By going smoothly and with a good intention, the guest will experience something different.

3- Observe your guests

The experience evolves so you have to adapt. A guest who travels alone or with his family, during summer or winter, for business or leisure, changes its perception of the experience. Ask your team to note irritants, those expressed and repressed by your guests but also moments of wonder that are created during the different touchpoints. This will inspire you later. Also, try to implement good practices and banish bad ones.

4- Get inspiration from others

Walking around lobbies is my guilty pleasure! I love the atmosphere, observing people… I love hotels! Observing your competitors would be easier if you were a clothing company, a quick visit at the mall and that’s it! There are so many sources of inspiration. Moreover, reading positive reviews on specialized websites and social media will help you discover hotels and experiences from all around the world.

5- Create the wow effect by using technology

It’s not just human interactions that can touch your guests’ emotions! You can improve your guest experience by adding connectivity between your softwares. While doing so, your guest will be able to feel recognized, privileged, important and even prioritized with the right technology within reach

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Transform your property’s guest experience thanks to Sarah’s advice

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