Quality assurance tester

English Full time, Montreal


  • Define, implement, update and maintain a test strategy
  • Automate tests provided by the QA department and PO
    • Develop and maintain automated test scenarios
    • Configure and maintain different test environments
    • Perform functional, integration, regression and performance testing
    • Control and document results
  •  Plan tests to be carried out within current and future sprints
    • Verify and automate story acceptance criteria
    • Document bugs clearly and concisely and support the development team in analysis of the causes
    • Communicate compatibility and compliance risks to development teams
  • Set up and document quality assurance standards, take part in the continuous improvement of the process in order to deliver very high quality products on time
  • Collaborate in an Agile environment with the team of developers, support and product managers


  • College diploma in quality assurance and/or computer science (or equivalent according to the job position)
  • Ability to use automatic or semi-automatic test methods for the deployment of test cases
  • Knowledge of the Gherkin language or equivalent
  • Experience with:
    • Libraries for browser (selenium or playwright)
    • Librairies of automated API test (pactum, chai,…)
    • Cucumber BDD testing framework
    • Javascript
    • Swagger / Postman
  • Excellent communication skills in French and English
  • Attention to detail, meticulousness
  • Analytical mind
  • Ability to follow technical guidelines
  • Additional advantages
    • Experience in the hotel industry
    • Experience with automation tools and test management: Jest, Xunit, RobotFramework