Use of Hotello’s new branding

Our brand identity is important to us, and we want to help you use it easily.


At Hotello, our logo is at the core of our brand image and we would like to take care of it. You will find the logo in different sizes, in jpeg, png and vector.


We wanted to create a logo that was refine, readable and easily recognizable by its shape and purity. By keeping it simple, it can be associated with a vibrant design without overloading it.

Animated logo

Our logo can be animated. Movement is a strong point of our design and we wanted to distinguish ourselves by using a moving logo when possible.

“O” can represents windows, through it you can see images and animations.

The movement can be more subtle in order to be readable secondly; when the logo is used in a smaller format on mediums such as newsletters or website’s pages as example.

Tips for using our logo

In order to ensure the integrity and a good reading of our logo, here are some rules to follow.


The logo can be in different colors but you must make sure that it can be read easily and clearly.

Form and direction

Do not deform it, it is important to keep its homothety. Do not add shapes or additional elements to the logo. It must always be placed horizontally.


The typography and the weight must not change.


Never add the logo on a too dark background or with too many patterns because it could avoid a clear reading.

Do you want to talk about Hotello?

Here are descriptions that will allow you to use the right words about Hotello.

Our slogan

Because your priority is hospitality.

Short description | 50 words

Hotello is a service-oriented PMS that creates an adequate technology hub so that different types of properties can offer an exceptional experience to their guests. Our solutions prioritize communication between systems and humans in order to make users’ work simple, efficient and pleasant.


Long description | + 100 words

Hotello is a cloud-based PMS and its customer service represents a strong value. The elegance in its design and the performance it offers creates an adequate technology hub so that different types of establishments can offer their customers an exceptional experience.
Our solutions are developed with reliability and adaptability according to hoteliers’ needs. It is based on observations and collaboration in order to respond to the latest hospitality industry trends. Humans are at the heart of the development of our solutions in order to make their work simple, efficient and enjoyable while reducing manual tasks. This allows them to have more time for what matters: be present for their guests.

Do you have any questions?

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