Change your Hotel PMS with peace of mind

Our Customer Success team is composed of hospitality experts. Their missions is to support you in getting started with your software and to adapt it to your reality.

Enjoy personalized support

Improve your experience with support and expertise from our Customer Success specialists. Our team provides you with all the tools you need to successfully switch over to Hotello. We are always available to help you deal with any difficulties that may arise.

Simple transition in just a few steps

Virtual coffee meeting

You will virtually meet the Customer success specialist dedicated to your property to get to know each other, review your contract’s elements and discuss your goals.


Exchange of information

You will provide all the information about your company and the service offered by completing the start-up form. Thereafter, your Customer success specialist will create your Hotello based on the completed form and industry best practices.


Hotello’s delivery

First of all, your Customer success specialist will show you the final result of the configuration. This meeting allows you to obtain your access to Hotello as well as your Hotello training.
Afterwards, you will be able to invite your collaborators and you will benefit from your first Hotello training on taking reservations.



Your Customer success specialist supports you and your team for the Going Live with Hotello.


Going Live

To prepare for the Going Live with Hotello, you need to ensure that you transcribe future reservations into Hotello. When everything is all set and you can 100% rely on the availability provided by Hotello, your specialist will proceed to the Going Live. Following this, the interfaces can be connected. You will have access to the services of our customer service team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Follow-up to comfort

Your Customer success specialist continues to support you and your team for 4 weeks during weekly meetings. This follow-up allows you to make necessary adjustments to situations that couldn’t have been foreseen and to answer questions.


To go further

Throughout your experience with Hotello, you can add services according to your needs such as support, configuration training and advanced training.

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