Our new website is now officially online!

Hotello is proud to announce the launch of its new website.

The new website features Hotello’s new visual identity and branding. We are focusing on Hotello, which is why we are using our domain Hotello.com for our new site, not Mingus-software.com like the old one. This will avoid the confusion regarding our identity that the industry may have had with our name.

The new website is intended to be hotel-like, human and elegant, notably by putting forward our customers with many photos and materials reminiscent of those we can find in the hotel business. 

It is a website with an international vocation, as it can be navigated through 3 different versions: a version dedicated to our main market being Quebec, a European version, as well as an English version. Hotello is expanding internationally and we needed a online showcase that reflects this expansion. Our partnership with the Logis Hotels Group in France has led us to add a European version in addition to the English version, which is already a showcase for North America. 

We are also providing numerous resources for hoteliers on the new website. In addition to our already popular blog, visitors will be able to read expert commentary, testimonials, company and product news, and have the opportunity to register for future events or stream our previous virtual events. 

We wanted to be a source of inspiration for hoteliers in addition to offering them our various technological solutions. 

With the launch of this new website, you will be able to discover the new version of Hotello. A web version which is completely redesigned, intuitive and easy to use and is available for new markets, and will soon be available for existing Hotello customers depending on the version used. The deployment will be done in phases, our teams will contact each customer for the installation of the new version when it will be in concordance with their current use.

With this new version and the launch of our new website, we are taking a big step forward in the highly competitive hotel software industry. Hotello is now ready to take over the hotel industry with a software that is equipped with the latest technologies and that meets the current requirements of users. 

Nicolas Audiffren
Marketing Director