Hotello partners with Ariane Systems

Web check-in

Hotello’s team is proud to announce its partnership with Ariane Systems, a leader in technology solutions, to offer a new and very convenient feature to its clients: Web check-in. 

« Web check-in with Ariane Systems demonstrates our desire to pursue the development of our software Hotello with the world’s biggest players, » said Anaïs Berzi, Hotello’s CEO. « This innovative solution can easily be adapted to different properties, such as urban hotels and resorts that wish to offer a new welcoming experience or even, to cottages and rental properties that want to welcome guests without forcing them to go to the reception desk and all the constraints it also implies. Web check-in is also perfect for all properties that already use self-serve stay practices. » 

This convenient solution can not only optimize the guest experience, but also considerably save time. It also gives the guests the possibility to check-in easily with the simple use of their cell phone or computer before their arrival. A pre-authorization is then automatically taken from the credit card used, which offers the owner of the property a guarantee of payment. Moreover, a dashboard allows your staff to easily follow the arrivals and departures, thus ensuring better management. 

Guests can be completely autonomous. They don’t have to go through the reception desk, which avoids a waiting line, and allows your reception desk’s employees to devote more time to your guests’ satisfaction. Hence, it is a win-win solution. Web check-in can also help make up for the lack of manpower currently experienced in the hospitality industry. 

To conclude, this feature is an excellent way to differentiate yourself from the competition. To learn more, visit Hotello’s website: or communicate with one of our representatives from the Customer Service department at 1 800 665 2659.

Nicolas Audiffren

Marketing Director