Claudine Vio

Product Manager

Telephone (Canada and U.S.A.)

1 800 665-2659 #227

Téléphone (Europe)

FR 08 00 73 69 92 #227

CH +41 21 575 00 50 #227

Learn more about me

At Hotello since 2004

Hotello has no secrets for me. Neither do its business rules and connectivities. Since 2004, I have seen Hotello evolve with the same guiding principle: making hoteliers’ daily life easier by automating as many tasks as possible. I assess the feasibility of all of our client’s requests, and this is what keeps me closest to the needs of hoteliers over time.

My passions

I knit as fast as Hotello calculates your performance indicators, it’s my favorite hobby. As a good Mediterranean family, my children as well as my grandchildren are my pride. Nevertheless, I remain very attached to French culture, so if sometimes you do not understand my expressions, please tell me. It will be my pleasure to share my best stories with you!

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