Leena Fulena

Customer service

Telephone (Canada and U.S.A.)

1 800 665-2659 #1

Téléphone (Europe)

FR 08 00 73 69 92 #1

CH +41 21 575 00 50 #1

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I accompany you with Hotello

I started from the bottom line as a front desk trainee to Revenue & Reservations Manager in 5-star hotels during the past 20 years of my career.
I love the hospitality industry, meeting new people, being able to help and see them happy with the service. Accomplishing and being able to solve guests’ problems while handling several tasks at the same time, which is also challenging and keeps you busy learning, make me happy.

My passions

I love to go to the beach, enjoying the sunset and looking forward to the next sunrise. 
I am passionate about helping others genuinely with my heart and making them smile again.