Sarah Trépanier

Customer success director

Telephone (Canada and U.S.A.)

1 800 665-2659 #230

Téléphone (Europe)

FR 08 00 73 69 92 #230

CH +41 21 575 00 50 #230

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Onboardings of PMs hold no secrets for me

Since 2020, I am the Customer success director at Hotello. I am pleased to follow our customers from the installation of Hotello, to improving their PMS with additional connectivity and other add-ons. I enjoy seeing Hotello help clients who have growing needs to evolve. My professional experiences and my expertise mean that hotel software installations no longer hold any secrets for me. Before setting up Hotello, I was carrying out Opera’s locations in North America and the UK.

My passions

My 2 boys are one of my main passions, and I could talk about them all day long and discuss parenting adventures on every call. I also enjoy traveling, especially to the Azores where I am lucky enough to frequently spend my summer vacations there. This destination introduced me to fresh caught fish and thus my love for tartars and other specialties of this magnificent destination.