The best product

“The design of the accounting feature is perfect, the software has a lot of features that help with management and reservation. Hotello has an excellent customer service, which allows the product to stand out even more.”

A user-friendly and efficient software

“Hotello offers an excellent technical support and they keep updating you with new tools or services available. They are well organized for the migration and training, while also offeringa good partnership with specialists from different service branches. Hotello is a user-friendly and efficient software”

A software that is easy to use and learn

“For my part, I find the software simple to use and easy enough to teach new front desk staff. I’ve already been using it for 7 years and I’m really happy with the features. I do a lot of rate and package setup and on that side too I find it pretty easy to understand how to do it.

The support team is easy to reach and their answers are quick. You don’t go without answers for long. There is always a follow-up with a team member and we really appreciate the service. The marketing team is just as efficient. The quotes come in quickly and again our questions are answered quickly as well.

I would definitely recommend doing business with this fine team.”