How to increase your income and visibility by promoting sports activities

Comment augmenter vos revenus et votre visibilité en faisant la promotion d’activités sportives?
Comment augmenter vos revenus et votre visibilité en faisant la promotion d’activités sportives?

Manage communication

Communication is a key element if you want to promote your hotel’s sports activities. Social media, newsletters and the hotel’s website can be used to inform guests about available sports activities, schedules and rates. Don’t hesitate to show sports facilities and guests participating in activities either with photos or videos. Social media, in particular, can be a great way for properties to promote their sports activities and attract potential customers. By communicating on these aspects, you will be able to build your community or attract the curiosity of sports enthusiasts.

Manage access and cleaning of sports venues

The availability and cleaning of sports venues are two essential elements in providing unique sports experiences for your guests. Hotels that have a PMS with inventory management can use it to rent and reserve sports equipment. Offering a sports activity often requires access management. When the location is indoors, access management is done through the implementation of a key system within the establishment and thus allows limiting access especially if it is not available to everyone.

Manage billing

Payments for sports activities can be centralized and automated through the use of the PMS, either as a package or by adding charges to the room via a POS (Point Of Sales). Some activities require a deposit, such as motorized activities and activities with expensive equipment. A security deposit may also be required. Regarding the pre-authorization, it is easier to manage when your payment system is connected to your hotel PMS since all your transactions are secure. Automated payments help hotels save time on a daily basis but also reduce transaction errors and improve payment security.

Use customer reviews 

Customer reviews can help hotels analyze advantages and improvements of their sports activities. Reviews on your website and online review platforms, sports shares on social media and satisfaction surveys can provide valuable information about your guests’ experiences. Hotels can use this information to improve their sports activities by offering new equipment, by changing schedules or offering special rates for popular activities.

By offering unique sports experiences, hotels can provide complementary services that help them stand out from the competition. Implementing these sports activities involves operational adjustments within the property to ensure a successful customer experience. By focusing on customer communication, availability and billing management, and the use of customer reviews, hotels can improve the experience offered to their guests and increase their satisfaction. Hotels that offer unique and memorable sports experiences can also improve their online reputation and therefore boost bookings and revenue.