The best property management software


We will also explain why the best property management software must not only be on the Cloud, but easy to use and easy to learn. Furthermore, it must be able to automate repetitive tasks, provide advanced statistics, offer outstanding customer service, evolve with time, have advanced connectivities and must be easily configurable.

The best property management software

On the cloud

To start with, it seems obvious that a property management software (PMS) must be located in the Cloud. This means that there is no longer any IT structure to manage within the property. The PMS provider is responsible for it and gives you the advantage to connect easily from any device connected to the Internet.

Moreover, the Cloud offers many other advantages such as updating the system without any action from the property or even upgrading quickly all the security standards that the software must include.

The Cloud allows to secure your property’s data as the PMS provider offers higher security measures than what you would have put in place in your property. Regular backups give additional security for a hotelier, since he knows that its data would remain available in the event of a technical issue.

Ease of use and learning

Properties’ softwares must be easy to use because hotel staff has a high turnover rate and new employees’ training time must be optimized so they can be quickly operational. 

Furthermore, a property software should be simple, because employees spend a lot of time using it to perform different tasks. Thus, simplicity helps since the user won’t have to spend a lot of time watching training videos or other training tools to master its use.

Beyond simplicity, a property software must be intuitive since multiple departments, such as the front desk, sales and revenue, housekeeping, marketing and accounting use it on a daily basis.

Automation of repetitive tasks

In the hospitality industry, a PMS becomes a real advantage when it allows to automate repetitive tasks. These tasks are usually a waste of time for employees, but once they are automated, it gives them more time to take care of their guests. Indeed, assigning rooms, sending emails, night audits, automatic data entry, generating daily reports are tasks that the best PMS must complete automatically.

Advanced statistics

Beyond the hospitality industry’s metrics or traditional occupancy and day-close reports, the best property management software also provides advanced statistics that allow the manager to make efficient decisions. Rather it’s about pricing or actions to be taken to achieve goals, these statistics must be easily and quickly available in easy-to-read reports. Also, it has to be simple to analyze and to compare with previous reports. Statistics must be exportable in standard formats, so that everyone can easily access them. Thus, the export of data must be possible for a specific guest list, using filters and also to retrieve the complete list of guests that can then be used for marketing purposes.

Guest service

The support provided with a property software is an important element and it starts from the software implementation. The project must be led by people who are used to make changes and who are familiar with the software you will use. Also, service goes through all stages of the process, from the installation to the usage and even when you have questions or technical issues (because even the best software can have technical issues). A service that is accessible, fast and available at all times is no luxury in the hospitality industry, since guests who need to be served do not want to wait! In order to do so, your supplier must accompany you at all times when needed. It could be whether by sending videos or documents, offering online assistance, or sharing FAQs. Indeed, the best property management software has to come with different means of documentation.

Software that evolves

The best hotel management software didn’t hit its peak overnight. As technology continues to evolve, it has to offer various new features and improvements. For example, it could introduce new interfaces with other softwares and improvements in its overall performance. Furthermore, the best property management software is constantly evolving to follow trends’ evolution and industry changes. 

As the matter of fact, the evolution shows the dynamism of the software and will help you progress technologically according to trends and new features that you want to implement.

The evolution of the best PMS also requires your involvement, since each development request is taken into consideration and can be included in the development plan. Keep in mind that the collaboration between the property and the PMS supplier is important and the key to success.


Connectivities are all of the links between the PMS and other softwares. Whether it is for accounting, food and beverage, reservations or even a customer relations software, the best property management software must be able to offer many connectivities. These connectivities must be advanced and 2-way so that it will be more efficient and information will be able to pass from one software to another one.These connectivities need to be advanced so that they are effective, and should have a 2-way connectivity so the information passes from one software to another and vice versa. 

Therefore, keep in mind that the best property management software doesn’t necessarily have the most number of connectivities. It should offer efficient connectivities that simplifies the hoteliers’ life and automates repetitive tasks.

Once again, there are several possibilities for your connectivities, but if the ones you need aren’t available yet, the best PMS should be able to take your demand into consideration and evaluate your request to see its benefits or offer you alternatives.

Easy setup

As said before, the best property management software should be easy to use and should give you some flexibility in its configuration. Using a PMS to create a new rate, new packages, new rooms or even adding an item to your accounting shouldn’t be hard. The more complex the setup is, the less your staff will use it to change or add elements. Keep in mind that it could have negative effects on the overall performance of your property.

In conclusion, the best PMS includes many complex elements, both technical and human, such as the customer service. The customer support, the evolution of guests’ requests or even developments based on observations are criterias confirm if it’s the best software.

Therefore, a free software, free trial software, cheap software or a software that doesn’t evolve or doesn’t offer outstanding customer service can not be considered as the best property management software.