The 5 best ways to promote your hotel on a limited budget


1 – Create a captivating web experience

One of the pillars of a solid marketing strategy is having a well-adapted website. Making a strong first impression is your best chance to generate direct reservations, and your website provides the key to making this impression. Invest in your website to make navigation more intuitive, ensure faster load time and include images that will sell your hotel. Create a web experience that encourages visitors to reserve through the website, and you’ll be sure to get a return on your investment.

2 – Recover aborted reservations

Nearly three out of four consumers abort their purchases. In the hotel industry, the abort rate is higher still. Therefore, reservation recovery procedures are essential since the target audience consists of qualified potential customers interested in staying at your hotel. To recover potential customers, it is crucial to ask for their email address as soon as possible in the reservation process and to include a newsletter subscription checkbox. As soon as potential customers abort their reservation, send them an email to try to convince them to follow through with their aborted reservation. A second email can include a small discount to drive the sale. Don’t let a revenue source slip through your fingers!

3 – Measure your email campaigns

Gauge the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. To do this, check out the conversion, click and rebound rates as well as subscribe and unsubscribe rates.

4 – Pay per click

By choosing the pay per click (PPC) option, you don’t waste your money. Instead, you invest it in customers that will bring a return on your investment. Pay-per-click advertising makes it possible to specifically target the audience you want to reach.

5 – Test your campaigns

Each hotel is unique. Therefore, it’s important to test your strategies and tactics before implementing them. To ensure your campaigns are successful, you must have a documented strategy and a plan for the different tests you want to run. In short, the key is to run tests, follow up and make changes as needed.

Wether they are implemented individually or as a whole, these marketing strategies can be beneficial to your property. Furthermore, it is important to use these performance indicators to measure their effectiveness in the long term.