Millennials, the generation most ready to book their next vacation trip


This generation is represented by connected individuals who are passionate about travelling and who particularly enjoy personalized, unique and memorable experiences

The experience offered by the property becomes one of the most important aspects to convince them to book a stay. In addition, it is has been shown that 70% of them prefer to invest in experiences rather than in material goods.

While the upcoming months are still uncertain, Millennials continue to do some research and inspire themselves for their upcoming trips. They are still prone to last-minute travel arrangements. This generation of travelers dreams of being able to discover new destinations and live new experiences. However there are some conditions.

Traveling safe

As they love to travel and live new experiences, Millennials are looking for authenticity but also for safety. Respecting social distancing and implementing hygiene measures are necessary to reassure them and help them feel comfortable throughout their stay. Many properties have decided to innovate and convert to online and contactless solutions from booking to check-in. As this generation loves new technologies, these solutions are very useful and improve their overall experience.

Prioritizing staycations and eco-friendly properties

The Staycation trend is influencing travelers’ behaviors. Not wanting to waste a minute of their time, some travelers prefer vacations that require little to no travel. These are vacations which allow them to discover their own country instead of traveling abroad. This also allows them to take advantage of cheaper deals and encourages local tourism. Millennials are very concerned about the environmental issues of today’s society. They are therefore ready to adapt and prioritize vacations in eco-friendly hotels.

Choosing experiences that are connected, but not too much

Although Millennials are constantly connected and love new technologies, they want to escape their daily routine: they feel the need to get away and enjoy some outdoor activities. Of course, this will not prevent them from using their phones to capture their unique experiences and share them on social media.

Millennials are true independent travelers. They like to be in control and to make their own decisions while they travel. However they still want to ensure they have access to personalized assistance if needed.

Many Millennials are eager to travel again. They want to relax and escape their stressful daily lives and are looking forward to live new exciting experiences while staying safe. 

The question becomes: how do you combine a memorable travel experience with the constraints of the current health crisis ?