Integrated payment in your PMS: a gift for your employees

Integrated payment in your PMS: a gift for your employees


Integrated payment into your property management software simplifies your front desk team’s daily tasks. Indeed, automating all your guests’ debit and credit card operations will help you avoid transaction and entry errors. Also, it will make it easier to close your cash registers and credit card batches. Hence, your employees will be able to work faster, to be more efficient on a day-to-day basis, and offer outstanding service to your guests.


De plus, l’intégration des paiements permet de faciliter les dépôts et les pré-autorisations de vos clients puisque les opérations se font dirMoreover, the integration of payments simplify the task of taking deposits and pre-authorizations, since operations are done in a few clicks directly from the software and without having to manipulate the payment terminal. The pre-authorization process or payment made upon arrival will be faster and will accelerate the check-in process, increasing your guests’ satisfaction.


When taking a payment or a pre-authorization during your customer’s stay for which the guest entered his PIN, it guarantees you a secure final payment without asking for your guest to come back to the reception. Therefore, the PIN code confirms that your guest stayed at your property and allows you to avoid any possible protest.


Integrated payment can also be virtualized, meaning that the payment terminal is virtual and not physical. This option allows departments that don’t have physical terminals to take payments at any time, since the payment will be taken directly from the software. This software communicates with the virtual terminal, which sends the validation when the payment is accepted.

Connectivity between your property management software and your payment terminals is a real advantage in terms of productivity and safety. Indeed, it allows your staff to gain in efficiency, since their tasks are automated. This tool allows you to gain safety, since payments are made without handling terminals nor cards by your staff, but rather by PIN validation. This connectivity will facilitate the process of compliance with PCI DSS regulations. Part of the compliance is ensured by your PMS provider and your payment provider.