6 Qualities of a Good PMS

Les 6 qualités d’un bons PMS hôtel

A good PMS must:

Be easy to use

Your PMS must be easy to use. Guests shouldn’t be left waiting because the receptionist can’t find an option in your hotel management software. It’s important to remember that the easier your software is to use, the faster you can act and the more satisfied your guest will be. Your PMS should be intuitive and efficient so that you don’t waste time, satisfaction and money.


Not only must your PMS meet your hotel’s current needs, but it should also scale to your needs. To this end, it should offer many module options, features and integrations that can be added in the future if your needs evolve. Your PMS should also allow you to follow trends and connect with new partners who offer complementary tools. A good PMS is regularly updated with new features and improvements designed to help hoteliers on a daily basis and improve the guest experience.

Be available on the Cloud

With a Cloud-hosted PMS, you’re no longer physically tied to your computer. You can access your hotel management software from any Internet-connected device. Moreover, your provider can automatically update to your Cloud PMS as well as handle hardware, storage, networking and software maintenance. By choosing the Cloud, you no longer need an in-house technical infrastructure or to maintain and pay staff to respond to potential server issues. Your PMS provider covers all these costs.

Include excellent technical support

A good PMS includes excellent built-in customer service. No matter the type of question you may have about your PMS, you must be able to call your software provider and get answers or training as quickly as possible.

Be automated

Your PMS must assist you in your work. By choosing a PMS that automatically performs recurring tasks for you, you can focus better on other more relevant tasks and optimize your time. For example, choose a PMS that automates night audits, room assignments and guest e-mailings.

Provide quantitative data

Because a good PMS provides access to a wealth of statistics, reports and forecasts to help you make informed decisions and optimize your management tasks, it can have a positive impact on your revenue. To properly manage your business, you must have direct access to your key indicators, such as ADR, REVPAC, REVPAR, CAPC and even your occupancy rate. A PMS that doesn’t make it easy to view this information doesn’t belong in a hotel looking to progress and evolve.