8 great reasons to create a customer satisfaction survey


To make sure the service you offer matches your customers’ needs/expectations

Where striving for quality is concerned, the goal is reached when customers are satisfied. Asking them if they are satisfied lets you know whether the service you offer meets their needs and expectations. In a competitive context like that of hospitality, meeting customers’ expectations isn’t optional, it’s essential.

Identify sources of satisfaction and dissatisfaction

Satisfaction surveys are mostly used to identify satisfaction and dissatisfaction factors within a continuous improvement approach. Surveys generate information to be used operationally. Using satisfaction surveys gives you a way to satisfy more customers by detecting the reasons for dissatisfaction.

Anticipate expectations and market developments

Knowledge makes it possible to better anticipate what will need to be done. Which is why it’s important not to limit yourself to asking your customers whether they are satisfied (or not) in a survey, but to also encourage them to make suggestions or submit comments (in answer to an open-ended question at the end of the survey, for example).

Follow customer satisfaction over time

A satisfaction survey makes it possible to assess customer satisfaction at a point in time. However, by regularly sending satisfaction surveys, you can take stock of the evolution of your satisfaction indicators. Are your customers more and more satisfied with your products and services? Do they become less satisfied over time? It’s essential to know the answers to these questions at all times.

Stay in touch with your customers

Asking your customers questions to determine whether they are satisfied or not testifies to your receptivity and capacity to listen. By doing so, you are showing your customers that you are interested in them, that their opinion counts and that you care about keeping them satisfied. In addition, maintaining a strong relationship with your guests will help you retain them over the long term

Inspire your team with a new customer-oriented approach

The purpose of the satisfaction survey is also to inspire your team with a new customer-oriented approach. Continuously monitoring your customers’ satisfaction and regularly letting your team know the status of satisfaction indicators gives you a tool to mobilize your teams to respond to issues regarding customer satisfaction. Satisfaction indicators are management tools. Listening to what customers have to say is a philosophy that must be shared by everyone that plays a role in the business. By creating teams that participate to one degree or another in ensuring customer satisfaction, a business gives itself a decision advantage over its competitors.

Optimize decision-making

Satisfaction surveys are helpful tools in the decision-making process. Analyzing the results and determining satisfaction indicators allows management teams and managers to prioritize and rank actions as well as make informed choices.

Increase your sales revenue

The purpose of satisfaction surveys is to contribute to your business and its sales revenue. Knowing your customers’ level of satisfaction means being in a position to continuously improve it. Satisfied customers will stay with you more often, but, more importantly, they won’t hesitate to speak well about your hotel wherever they go. And word of mouth will lead to new visitors. In this way, you’ll generate potential new customers and retain your current ones.