Are your guests sleeping well?


The bed

Quality of sleep is strongly correlated with the bed and its components. Ensure that all the pillows and sheets are clean, comfortable and of high quality. The mattress is also a crucial component. Your clients expect your mattress to be as comfortable as the one they have at home, if not better. If your mattress exceeds their expectations, they will enjoy their night and remember the wonderful sleep that they had at your hotel. Additionally, do not forget to flip the mattresses over when the time comes, in order to extend the mattresses’ lifespan and improve your guests’ comfort. Do not try to save money on beds because if your clients do not get a good night’s sleep, they will be irritated and more likely to leave negative online reviews and thus not stay with you again. It is therefore important to invest in quality components when it comes to beds.

In order to avoid having to change your mattress often, pick the ones that have a 10-year guarantee. You will save a significant amount of money.

The bedroom

In addition to the beds, make sure that the bedroom allows a good night’s sleep. Peace and temperature are two aspects that could make or break your client’s night. If you are aware that some of your room can be noisy, consider offering ear plugs or white noise machines upon request. However do not offer these complimentary solutions upon the client’s arrival, as this could cause them to be more aware of disturbances or pick up on some noise that they could have perhaps ignored otherwise. The light peeking through the blinds in the morning could also wake up some light sleepers. Make sure your blinds are as dark and as thick as possible and that the alarm clock’s light is not too bright.

Everything else

Obviously, you cannot control everything. Some external elements can cause your clients to have an agitated or unpleasant night, such as stress, jet lag or simply breaking their routine. To compensate for such elements out of your control, offer complimentary coffer in their room or at the front desk. You could also offer essential oils to breathe or to bathe with to promote relaxation. Additionally, you could replace the classic chocolate on their pillow with a soothing cream which they can apply on their neck to improve their sleep.

Do not forget that nothing is better than a restful night. Your client’s satisfaction is very much based on the quality of their sleep. Those who sleep like babies will be much more likely to come back and leave positive reviews online.