New experiences that simplify reception work


Check-in at the welcome kiosks

Self-serve kiosks are excellent devices that reduce the amount of repetitive tasks for the front desk team. Indeed, a check-in is often the same: identifying your guest, validating its stay, confirming the terms and conditions of the property, accepting the pre-authorization and delivering the room key. These repetitive tasks can be replaced by kiosks, allowing your guests to check-in or out independently. 

Also, welcome kiosks make the reception more welcoming for people who need a special service, since there will be no waiting line. Thus, reception staff will be more available and will be able to engage with the guests to meet their needs and therefore increase guest satisfaction.

Furthermore, kiosks are a good way to streamline busy periods and shorten the arrival and departure process, since guests will be able to check-in or out in just a few clicks.

Automation of repetitive tasks by using a property management software

The automation of tasks is often done by using a property management software or through the ecosystem offered by other softwares. There are several types of automations: automatic room assignment, generation of reports, automatic entry of online bookings, online deposits and confirmation of personal information before check-in. All of these automations help save significant time for employees and allow them to avoid repetitive tasks.

Use of integrated payment

Integrated payment is a part of automation that significantly shortens the payment process. Indeed, the amount to be paid is sent directly from the property management software to the payment terminal. The type of card as well as the payment validation return to the PMS once made on the payment terminal. Therefore, your staff won’t have to enter manually the information in the terminal, preventing them from making data entry mistakes.

As a result, these avoided mistakes make it easier to close the cash register and give the opportunity to your front desk team to focus on your guests by answering their questions and offering them a high quality customer service.

Online reservation

Online reservations help reduce phone calls, which can happen when receptionists are busy with guests on site. In order to provide a memorable guest experience, online booking connected to your property management software allows travelers to check the property’s availability in real time. Moreover, the online reservation allows a buying experience that is just as good, since they are able to directly see rooms and everything they need to proceed with the reservation.

The property’s front desk is a crucial service, it’s the guarantor of guests’ first impressions, whether in person if the reservation was made by phone or online when making a reservation on the property’s online platforms. Therefore, simplifying the reception’s work by automating and using new technologies help the property offer new experiences to its guests. It also guarantees a better customer service, since staff will be more available. It could definitely represent an improvement for the property and a way to highlight the work of people behind the front desk, as well as their desire to serve guests in a more courteous and efficient way.

How can a Housekeeping App improve your guest experience?


The app facilitates customer requests

Thanks to the housekeeping app, the guests requests’ follow-up becomes easier. Moreover, it allows your housekeeping staff to see in real time the guest’s requests for the room they are currently cleaning. Thus, the app will facilitate the whole process. Requests such as hypoallergenic pillows or an extra baby crib can be added directly on the app and won’t be forgotten. As a result, the housekeeping app will increase the satisfaction of your guests.

Since the app is connected to your property’s PMS (property management software), guests’ preferences will be saved.  The guest won’t have to remind the hotel for any specific requests for its next stays. Thereby, the property will be able to emphasize attention toward this loyal guest by putting everything he needs in its room during his next stays.

The room is ready before guests’ arrival

The housekeeping app will provide information to your staff about your guests’ arrival. Thanks to this app, the prioritization of houseworks becomes easier, since the staff is aware of the guest’s arrival, its specific room and room type. Upon arrival, the guest will be able to have access to its room immediately and fully enjoy its stay, increasing its level of satisfaction.

The app provides information on the exact number of people in the room and the length of stay

When your housekeeping staff begins to clean a room, they can quickly see the room occupancy as well as the length of stay. Thereby, it will help provide the right amount of towels and other linens for the exact number of guests, and thus allow savings on cleaning. This also applies to welcome products, since they are not consumed the same way if there are only 2 people in the room compared to more. The welcome experience of your guests will be tailored and personalized, because your staff will be aware of guests’ specific needs before they arrive.

The guest experience in a property is complex as it involves many elements. Indeed, each element must be a success in order for your guests to have a positive memory of their stay and repeat the experience by booking future stays within your property.

Furthermore, housekeeping is important to take into consideration. You have to provide adequate tools to your housekeeping team in order to offer a successful experience to your guests. These tools will help you have fluid communication and help your housekeepers  be aware of all the stays’ details. By paying attention to your guests,  they will feel all the efforts made by your team to offer them an outstanding experience.

How to offer an outstanding customer experience in the hospitality industry


Technology is your best ally

Holidays always go by too quickly. Thus, no matter if your clients stay with you for a night or for a week, they definitely want to make the most of it. Fortunately, technology allows you to speed up the process while offering an outstanding customer experience.

When sending your client their confirmation e-mail with the information regarding their stay, they will be able to check for any errors. This way they can communicate with you before their arrival to deal with the situation without it taking time off their future stay.

Most of your clients are used to helping themselves and usually prefer doing so. It could be wise to invest in a service which lets clients check themselves in online or via a kiosk. This will reduce the waiting time at your front desk and will allow your clients to enjoy their room as quickly as possible, which will definitely boost their satisfaction.

In order to offer an outstanding customer experience, make sure that your hotel has an efficient hotel management software (PMS). A good PMS should be equipped with advanced features which allow you to free yourself from some recurrent and time-consuming tasks. This way, you can ensure they have the best possible customer experience.

Go beyond your customer’s expectations

Everyone likes to feel special and your customers are no different. In order to improve their experience, you need to be aware of their expectations and go beyond them. They want to be special and feel like you know them well. Your PMS contains a significant amount of information regarding every one of your clients, so make sure to utilize this data, offering them little personalized attentions.

You are welcoming a client traveling solo? Greet them when they enter their room by leaving a welcoming message on their mirror. A business travellers just checked in? Give them the Wi-Fi password immediately! A family has chosen to stay at your hotel? Make sure the parents know the pool’s and/or the playground’s opening hours. You may want to program the television so that it is on the cartoon channel upon their arrival. If you have some information to communicate with the parents when they check-in, have some games or toys nearby for the kids to play with. The parents will then be able to get comfortable in their room while their kids enjoy their new toys. What an amazing way to begin the vacation!

Obviously some actions are better suited for certain types of clientele. On the other hand, some more general elements can satisfy more than one customer. No matter which segment of the market you are targeting, it is safe to say that travellers usually like to know what they can explore nearby. Thus make sure to always have a concierge available to answer any questions, whether present physically, or available through a phone number. You can also have a screen at your front desk from which your clients can search for restaurants, or even local attractions nearby. Be different and do not be afraid to innovate!

It is crucial to be aware of the latest trends in the hospitality industry, but also of your clients’ comments, whether it is an online review or comments left on social media such as Instagram. They might have some ingenious ideas on how to offer an outstanding customer experience at your hotel. Do not be afraid to ask for their feedback and comments, and to try out their suggestions. The outcome might surprise you!