Why is it beneficial for hoteliers to train their staff?


1 – Boost their performance

Investing in training isn’t done simply for the employee’s benefit — it can greatly improve their efficiency too. Employees with extensive knowledge of their work tools tend to outperform others since they can maximize the full potential of the Property Management Software (PMS).

Online training offers your staff the opportunity to learn from real experts. It also frees up the time of your own trainers, whose role as a trainer is often improvised, so they can focus on their real duties.

2 – Improve service

Employees who have a good grasp of their hotel management software can concentrate on the other tasks that need to get done. So, instead of wasting time trying to understand how the PMS works, they’ll use the automated features.

3 – Share responsibilities

When trained to address any type of situation, employees can work autonomously at peak times, which can translate into taking on more responsibilities. Managers can therefore focus on their main role, which is to supervise overall activities. Better trained staff will also be more motivated because they’ll be in control of their work tasks.

4 – Give to get something back

Training your staff is an expense. However, the average return on investment is between 7% and 49%, which represents significant gains. In all cases, the amount invested will be recouped and may increase by up to 50%.

In the hotel industry, the impact can be even greater for front desk clerks or reservationists. Refusing a sale, quoting the wrong rate and giving poor customer service all cause revenue loss. Training therefore plays an important role in ensuring stable revenues for an establishment.