Prioritize guest experience through automation

Prioritize guest experience through automation

Every task assigned to your staff can now be replaced or improved through technology. For your guests, automation offers several benefits, such as increased autonomy and having more available employees to serve them and can even contribute to a memorable guest experience.

Improving your staff’s efficiency

Automating your operations allows you to optimize your staff’s work time, regardless of their tasks. Indeed, many tasks can be repetitive and without added value, such as taking information for the reservation, coordinating the tasks of your housekeeping staff or managing the arrival process. These tasks can be eliminated from your employees’ workload thanks to automation. 

With this saved time, the line at the front desk is shorter and guests are free to enjoy their stay without having to wait too long. With a hotel PMS and its advanced features connected to other software, automation is present at every step of the guest’s journey in your property. It is therefore important to master it, to take advantage of it and especially to adapt your staff’s tasks accordingly.   

Ensuring a personalized customer experience

With the synchronization of your customers’ data and their stay, guests will simply have to enter their information at the time of booking. Data is essential to offer a unique and personalized stay to each of your guests. Your employees can then add a personal touch and provide customized offers to make your customers feel valued and important, a key element to ensure their satisfaction.

Provide a seamless customer journey

Technology takes care of several tasks, reducing the risk of error so that your guests’ stay is hassle-free. This way, they can fully enjoy your facilities and your restaurant, without having to contact the reception for any issues. In addition, all payments made during your guests’ stay are centralized, making the check-out process easier for your guests and staff.

Invest in technologies to provide a modern stay

With the time saved due to automation, you’ll gain many human resource benefits in terms of recruitment, training and payroll. Indeed, automation can help you reduce your staffing needs while maintaining the same level of service.

The main benefit of automation is making your employees more efficient on a daily basis, allowing them to deliver an improved and personalized guest experience. As a result, guests will be able to enjoy their stay and will be more likely to recommend your hotel either directly to their friends and family or online via positive customer reviews.

How to promote your property’s guest experience online?


To do so, the different platforms on the Internet have inevitably become some of the most consulted information sources by travelers and therefore a strategic way to promote your property’s guest experience online!

How to promote your property’s guest experience online?

Your website

Your website is an essential tool for promoting your guest experience. It’s also your property’s main online showcase, since it is one of the first platforms that travelers will visit to find all the information needed and have an overview of the experience offered. As you may understand, the more attractive your website is, the more it will stimulate Internet users’ curiosity and make them want to book a reservation. Therefore, you can use high quality photos and videos or even room tours to highlight your property, your rooms and all the available activities.

Furthermore, your website must be as optimized as possible in order to facilitate Internet users’ purchasing process and to encourage them to finalize an online reservation. The design of your website must be web responsive, which means that it adapts to the devices used, such as smartphones, tablets and computers. Moreover, it is important to have a clear and simple website navigation, since nearly 85% of travelers book their stays from their mobile devices. For properties that have specific units with names instead of different types of room, keep in mind that Internet users have to see quickly if the unit they wish to book is still available or not. To do so, an online calendar connected to your PMS could be a very interesting option, since travelers would be able to see units’ availability in real time.

Don’t forget that your website allows you to collect information on individuals who visit it, communicate with them directly through your online chat or to retarget them.

Your online booking

Did you know that your online booking engine is also an interesting tool for promoting your property? Indeed, you will be able to personalize it, choose the content you want to highlight, create packages or items for sale and update your prices. Thus, this tool will be directly connected to your PMS (property management software) and your channel manager, which will allow you to simplify your operations and your booking process.

Therefore, if you want to generate more online bookings, keep in mind that your online booking engine must be attractive and efficient. Its style and design must be coherent with your website and the information must be complete, precise and available in different languages and currencies based on the user.

Your social media

In the hospitality industry, social media represents real opportunities to attract potential customers. These platforms are consulted on a daily basis and the publication of travel content often creates curiosity and imagination for Internet users, which could encourage them to book their next stay at your property.

Furthermore, a good social media strategy allows you to promote your offers, packages and activities to a large audience, but could also reach a specific type of clientele, if wanted. This kind of advertisement is free, but you could choose to pay to add more visibility to your campaign. To reach as many people as possible, you can also use social media to share your guests’ content, including their photos, videos and stories. Indeed, it’s proven that 74% of travelers use social media during their stays and almost 97% of Millennials share photos of their stays on social media. So why not take advantage of it to increase your property’s visibility and interactions, but also to strengthen your e-reputation?

Even if  the use of social media has many advantages for your hotel, don’t forget to check it regularly and respond to positive and negative guests reviews, so it doesn’t weaken your e-reputation.

Bloggers and influencers

Have you ever heard of influencer marketing? This strategy involves working with bloggers and influencers to promote your property to a larger audience, but also to gain more visibility online and increase your number of reservations. The role of these influencers is to affect the purchasing decision of Internet users and reassure them in their booking process, while remaining as transparent as possible. The main goal isn’t to lie to your audience to win their trust, but to share the experience of your property. In addition, it is important to mention that 85% of consumers will rather trust an influencer and follow their recommendations.

Thus, you have to define your campaign, your marketing budget and calculate the return on investment. Moreover, make sure that the influencer shares the same values as your property, that their audience matches the clientele you want to attract and that its content is consistent with your property’s brand image before signing a partnership.

In the hospitality industry, guest experience is very important and it’s at the heart of a property’s success. Moreover, the guarantee of a good customer experience is your PMS, since it includes all the guests’ stay information and allows you to coordinate with all the hotel departments. Therefore, it is not only necessary to refine your guest experience so that your guests can fully live the experience offered, but also be able to promote it in an efficient and intelligent way by using digital marketing tools.

What is a successful guest experience in hospitality industry?

What is a successful guest experience in hospitality industry?

A customer-centric experience

First of all, the experience provided by your property must make your guests feel unique and privileged. Indeed, it is important to show them that your employees care about their needs and they are available for them throughout the customer journey, whether before, during and after their stay. Thereby, take advantage of the pre-stay period to inform, reassure and create curiosity. This period is particularly essential to learn about your guests, but also to optimize what you offer them. During your guests’ stay, be sure to offer them a positive experience and be available at all times. Finally, the post-stay period shouldn’t be neglected and should allow you to follow up with your guests. It could include asking them to complete a satisfaction survey or to write an online review. Those feedback will allow you to know if they are satisfied with the experience received and things that need to be improved.

The customer experience is often dependent on many factors, including customer knowledge, which resides in the data collection. This data is stored in your property management software, since they are used by your staff to view your guest’s information. Thus, keep in mind that your softwares must communicate with each other to obtain consistent and identical information.

An experience that satisfies your guests

On the short term, an experience that satisfies your guests is a successful one if it has met their needs and expectations and if they are really satisfied with their stay. Moreover, in order to satisfy them, it is essential to have a good knowledge of your guests and their preferences to offer them suitable and attractive offers. Also, the greeting, the services’ personalization and your staff’s dedication and attention to your customers will help your experience stand out from your competitors. Indeed, don’t underestimate your employees’ power in the success of a stay. Don’t hesitate to raise their awareness concerning service and train your new employees so they can properly answer your guests’ questions.

Furthermore, having happy guests will allow you to create a solid relationship with them and generate positive word of mouth.

An experience that builds guest loyalty

On the medium and long term, a successful guest experience builds customer loyalty. Having a good knowledge of your guests allows you not only to satisfy them, but also to be proactive and anticipate their needs and expectations. This proactive approach will help you retain their business and win their trust. Thereby, your loyal guests will not hesitate to book future stays at your property and also refer your property to their entourage, on social media and online review platforms.

In the hospitality industry, a successful experience is customer-centric but also an experience that satisfies and retains guests. Therefore, it is essential to be available and focus all your efforts on your guests, so that they succeed in living, feeling and fully appropriate the experience offered by your property.

Also, keep in mind that a successful experience asks you to work consistently with your actual tools and the ones that could be acquired. Nowadays, technology is more and more needed to create new experiences, so it is important to optimize your current tools in order to make the most of their capacity and stay tuned about new trends.

Finally, a successful guest experience also means a potential increase of your revenue and  strengthens your brand image.