5 tips to make your hotel staff more productive

Some seasons are busier and more stressful than others for the hospitality industry, so it can be hard to keep your employees productive throughout the year, even when you use new technologies!

As a manager, it’s important to keep your employees motivated and productive on a daily basis; here are a few tips to achieve just that.


Give incentives to work harder

One of the first things you can do to encourage your hotel team to work harder is to give them incentives. This can be anything from bonuses for good work, more time off, an employee award, or something similar that recognizes the hard work they’ve been contributing to the operation of your hotel.

People like being rewarded for doing great work. You’ll find that the more you reward great work, the more productive your hotel staff will be. This is extremely beneficial during the peak season.

Encourage breaks

You need your staff to be efficient, productive and ‘on-fire’ when it comes to operating your hotel and looking after guests. However, with this high workload, it’s also important to encourage breaks to help reduce the risk of an employee having a burnout. If this occurs, your hotel will suffer because key staff members will need more time off to recover from the extra work.

Instead, encourage time off and make sure you have adequate staff who can fill in. You’ll find that your staff will become more efficient and productive if they aren’t tired or pushed to their limits. So encourage employees to take some time off when they’re getting overworked or stressed out.

Make them accountable for their actions

If your hotel staff doesn’t do a job properly, it’s important that they’re held accountable for it. There should be consequences to their actions. Consequences will make them work harder to avoid these mistakes or inefficiencies in the future. After making them accountable for their actions, you’ll find that their productivity will increase greatly.

Stop micromanaging

Sometimes micromanaging won’t motivate your staff members. Micromanaging gives them the impression that you don’t trust them to run your hotel. Instead, try to step back a little and give them more responsibility.

Show them that you trust them to get the job done right the first time. If they don’t, make them accountable. Over time, you’ll find that by giving them more responsibility, their efficiency and productivity levels will increase because they’ve become more confident in themselves and in how they operate their area of your business.

The uplift towards happiness

Concerns and imperfect actions are catalysts that provide us with key indicators on what to do next. Ideally, we want to be as proactive as possible so that concerns don’t happen in the first place. But we live in an imperfect world. Don’t take for granted the impact your employees will have on your hotel brand.

Identify new and creative ways to embrace happiness for your hotel team. Happy employees will have a positive impact on your hotel’s productivity.

Exploiter un hôtel est exigeant et très stressant. Si vous pensez que votre personnel n’est pas aussi productif qu’il le devrait, pourquoi ne pas changer les choses un peu et essayer quelques-uns des conseils ci-dessus? Vous pourriez être surpris de voir à quel point vos employés peuvent devenir plus productifs simplement à la suite de petits changements.

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