How to attract business travellers

Internationally, business tourism is on the rise. Active year-round, this market segment is very lucrative. Attracting business travellers to your hotel can lead to a surprising increase in occupancy rate, especially mid-week when there are fewer room bookings. To attract business travellers, keep the following in mind.


Technology is essential

C’est simple, pour inciter les voyageurs d’affaires à séjourner dans votre établissement, celui-ci doit être bien équipé au niveau technologique. En effet, lorsqu’un voyageur est en déplacement pour affaires, il doit quand même travailler et avoir l’équipement nécessaire pour y parvenir. Une connexion Internet rapide est donc inévitable dans la chambre ainsi qu’un espace de travail adéquat doté d’une chaise ergonomique, de prises de courant accessibles et d’une planche à repasser avec fer. Il est également important de diminuer au maximum les pertes de temps afin de maximiser la productivité du travailleur en déplacement. Les arrivées et départs accélérés sont très appréciés auprès de ce segment de marché pour qui le temps est précieux. Vous pouvez parvenir à accélérer ces processus au moyen de bornes d’enregistrement, de fiches d’enregistrement en ligne ou simplement grâce à un logiciel de gestion hôtelière Cloud rapide et performant.

Having up-to-date technology and amenities is a simple solution to encourage business travellers to stay at your hotel. When a person is travelling on business, they must continue working and have certain tools close at hand. To this end, rooms should be equipped with high-speed internet, adequate workspace, an ergonomic chair, accessible power outlets and an ironing board and iron. It’s also important to maximize business traveller productivity and avoid time wastage with accelerated check-ins and check-outs. Having a fast and efficient Cloud PMS or offering online & kiosk check-in and check-out are very popular options with this time-conscious market clientele.

Guest profiles are becoming more diverse

More and more business travellers are extending their hotel stays, so they can explore the local attractions or country they are visiting. In 2017, close to 40% of North American business travellers chose to do this. This trend is especially strong among millennials (48%) compared to baby boomers (23%). The business traveller cohort no longer consists strictly of middle-aged men; they are becoming more diverse in age and gender, and their profile differs more and more. Your communications must target multiple audiences, older and pragmatic businessmen and younger recruits eager to discover the working world. To gain more information about your business clientele, it is important to set up custom fields in your PMS so that your front-desk staff can gather details about your business traveller’s profile. With this data, you will then be able to set up an effective email marketing strategy. Obviously, you can continue to suggest your business travellers to book a meeting room, a table at a restaurant or an airport shuttle. According to their profile, you can also offer business guests to extend their stay at your hotel by suggesting activities and attractions to explore in your area.

The importance of retaining business travellers’ loyalty

Nous le savons, les clients fidèles sont un atout précieux pour un établissement hôtelier. Par contre, une mère de famille ne viendra pas séjourner dans votre établissement tous les mois. Les clients d’affaires, eux, ont l’occasion de le faire. Ainsi, si vous réussissez à rendre fidèles les voyageurs d’affaires qui visitent plusieurs fois par année votre région, vous vous assurez un revenu récurrent. Pour convaincre la clientèle d’affaires de retourner dans votre établissement, vous pourriez lui offrir des tarifs négociés ou encore, un programme de fidélisation avec des récompenses adaptées à ses besoins.

It goes without saying that loyal guests are a valuable asset to any hotel. However, a mother with a young family is unlikely to visit your hotel on a monthly basis, while business guests have more opportunity to do so. So, if you can successfully retain business travellers as guests multiple times a year, you’ll generate recurring income. To convince business travellers to make return visits to your hotel, consider offering them preferential rates or a loyalty program that features rewards tailored to their needs.

Always remember that a satisfied business traveller can also become a potential family segment guest. You have everything to gain by offering special offers or packages to your business guests, so they make a return visit to your hotel in a context other than a professional one.

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