4 booking engine attributes that boost conversions


User-friendly and intuitive

The easier and more intuitive the booking experience, the more likely conversions will result. Therefore, your booking engine must be as user-friendly as possible. It should clearly represent your rooms and list their price and availability, without the user needing to go looking for the information.


With a booking engine that’s connected to a distribution channel, you benefit from real-time updates based on direct and third-party bookings (OTA, GDS, etc.). As a result, you not only save time but avoid overbooking. A connected booking engine also makes faster conversions possible since users can see whether room availability matches their trip dates. Real-time connectivity keeps extra phone calls or email requests to a minimum and prevents the loss of bookings to your competitors.

Mobile and responsive

Les réservations mobiles constituent une source de conversions de plus en plus importante. C’est pourquoi votre site Web et votre moteur de réservation se doivent d’être accessibles sur mobile. Si cela n’est pas le cas, vous perdez des réservations directes. Il est vital que la version mobile de votre moteur de réservation soit responsive pour rendre le processus de réservation simple et facile sur un écran tactile.

Mobile devices are a growing source of direct booking conversions. For this reason, your website and booking engine must be mobile-device enabled. If it isn’t, you are missing out on direct bookings. It’s crucial to have a responsive booking engine that’s optimized to make the touchscreen booking process simple and easy.


Your hotel’s website can reach visitors all over the world. It’s essential to ensure your booking engine offers a wide choice of languages and currencies to encourage international client conversions.

To boost direct bookings and profits, you must have a good booking engine. To this end, your booking engine must be intuitive, connected, mobile, responsive and international. If your booking engine has these four attributes, you’re well on your way to boosting direct booking conversions.