Hotel management software: what about cybersecurity?


Physical security

Should your establishment suffer damage from a fire or water infiltration, it would be unfortunate to lose the data stored in your hotel management software. By choosing an external backup, you’ll eliminate all risks of physical damage that could affect your data.

Moreover, your hotel management software will be saved on your provider’s secure cloud infrastructure, which ensures you can rapidly resume your work after a disaster.

virtual security

Unprotected hotel management software is susceptible to virtual security risks. First, if ransomware takes control of unprotected hotel management software, the establishment’s owner will need to pay the requested ransom to recover the data. Also, a server failure, a computer problem or even a computer virus could have serious and detrimental effects on your business and incur unexpected expenses. Backup solutions are designed specifically to address these risks, as they regularly perform an automatic backup of your hotel management software. You won’t lose your data since it will have been saved on a secure backup server in accordance with the industry’s security standards. These regular backups will allow you to resume your work in no time.

By backing up the data of your hotel software, you considerably reduce the risk of loss following an incident. Therefore, the cybersecurity of your PMS is essential for your establishment and to ensure that your operations run safely and without any worry.