9 Ways to Boost Hotel Bookings and Increase Revenue


Tip 1: Solidify your hotel guest personas

With the help of your hotel database, find out who your guests are, why they’re staying with you and for what purpose, i.e., business or pleasure. Then, develop one or two guest personas so that you can properly tailor your marketing efforts to meet their needs.

Tip 2: Use a strong value proposition to resonate with guests

Clearly state what makes your hotel unique and why potential guests should stay with you rather than anywhere else. Be sure to emphasize the fact that you can meet their needs better than your competitors can.

Tip 3: Speed ​​up your website loading time

Research shows that the slower your website speed, the more likely visitors are to leave it for a competitor’s site. To avoid this, make sure that it does not take more than 3 seconds for your site to load.

Having a spectacular photo gallery is essential for any hotel website. Since potential guests visit this page to see what your hotel looks like, it is the ideal place to showcase your most beautiful rooms, features and amenities. Always ensure that your photos are high quality and up to date.

Tip 5: Keep your site simple

Simplify site design and navigation. A quick and easy-to-use site allows potential guests to better navigate the information and continue exploring your site.

Tip 6: Avoid overwhelming potential guests with too much choice

People who visit your website might be discouraged if faced with too many choices. Make sure you limit your packages and navigational options to the bare essentials.

Tip 7: Appeal to guests through visual storytelling

Images pack a huge emotional punch with potential guests. Fill your website with beautiful, powerful images that tell a story and convey strong emotions. You might be surprised to see just how positive an effect this can have on hotel reservations.

Tip 8: Think mobile friendly

Optimize your website for mobile. Ensure that your potential guests can book their stay with ease, without ever having to touch a computer. Also, be sure to include smartphone functionality on your mobile site so that guests can call you or get directions to your hotel with just one simple click.

Tip 9: Get down with your data

Website data can reveal a lot about your hotel and your guests, so take advantage of it! These informations are an invaluable personalization opportunity for your property. Whether it is to tailor the customer experience or offer them a personalized arrival, the use of this data helps to exceed their expectations. Certain information about your establishment can also be useful to analyze your performance with indicators such as the occupancy rate, the status of the rooms, your average monthly revenue and others. So what are you waiting for to take advantage of it!

Whether it’s by getting to know your customers, improving your website or your social media, all of these can contribute to your hotel’s reputation and therefore increase your profits. You will not only improve your reputation in the eyes of your customers, but also your position against your competitors through differentiation.