6 steps to boost guest satisfaction

6 étapes pour augmenter la satisfaction de vos clients


Getting feedback from your guests about their stay is the best way to gauge their level of satisfaction. Some satisfaction survey platforms even make it possible for you to assign values to answer choices to obtain a final score at the end of the survey. In this way, you can collect quantified data to determine the rate and scope of guest satisfaction. Moreover, some surveys can redirect satisfied customers to online review platforms. The more your guests are satisfied, the more likely they are to share their positive experience online, and the more they will trigger word of mouth and convert new guests. A well-designed survey even lets you target areas where your guests’ were less satisfied during their stay at your hotel so that you can implement targeted actions.

It’s also important to identify the guests who aren’t satisfied with their stay in your PMS software’s guest profile. Doing so prevents your staff from repeating a bad experience if the guest makes a return stay. When your staff sees the note in the guest profile, they’ll pay special attention to this guest. You can also add a note in your PMS when a guest is happy with their stay. On future visits, your staff can then maintain the quality standards to which this guest is accustomed.

Make targeted efforts

When you assess the results of your satisfaction survey, you may notice that your guests are dissatisfied because your hotel is simply not suited to their market segment. Depending on your location and the services your hotel offers, it’s essential to evaluate which market segment(s) your establishment falls into to target your communications better. If your establishment is more couple oriented, advertise this on your website and in your marketing strategy. This way, you’ll avoid having a business traveller book with you and be disappointed with their stay. Once again, your PMS software can be of great help if it offers guests the option to complete their guest profile before they arrive at your hotel. This profile will often provide information regarding guest type and reason for stay. With this data in hand, you can cater to a specific clientele with which you excel or to a clientele you don’t often see but want to develop.

Pay attention

Once you’ve tagged the market segment(s) you want to target, you must pay attention to preferences for the segment(s) so that you can exceed expectations and ensure stays at your establishment are a memorable experience. Use creativity to find ways to increase customer satisfaction. For example, if you’re targeting families, why not put lollipops on the bed to please both kids and parents? You could even program the children’s channel on the television so that the family doesn’t have to search for it. Also, when parents check in, don’t forget to mention the pool’s opening hours and other family activities that you offer.

These simple little touches could make a big difference in parent satisfaction and lead to positive reviews. If you’re targeting business travellers, forget about the suggestions mentioned for families. For the business traveller segment, provide the guest with the Wi-Fi password as soon as they arrive and focus on delivering a quick and efficient check-in and check-out process. You must keep on top of trends that affect your target segment(s) and establishment type, otherwise, you’ll soon be overwhelmed. Recent trends include paddleboards for waterfront facilities and robots in urban hotels.

Be efficient

Guests in all market segments have one thing in common: they hate waiting. To maintain guest satisfaction, make sure wait times during their stay are as short as possible. To make arrivals and departures more efficient, consider investing in check-in and check-out kiosks to increase guest satisfaction. Often, even without such kiosks, having a fast and efficient property management system (PMS) is enough to satisfy most guests. However, while it’s always a good idea to use effective tools, you must also know how to use them.

Nothing beats proper training when it comes to increasing your staff’s efficiency. Efficiency also depends on how quickly you respond to your guests’ requests. If a guest calls the front desk for a towel, it’s because they need it right away, not in an hour. Try to meet your guests’ requests as quickly as possible, and you’ll see a positive impact on their level of satisfaction. To this end, make sure you have the appropriate number of staff on hand for each shift. To help you plan staff needs, you can rely on your PMS’s various reports.


Another way to increase guest satisfaction is to personalize guests’ stays. Keep in mind that, every time a guest interacts with a member of your hotel staff, guests provide valuable information. Your staff can record guest comments in your PMS, and you can leverage this information later on to personalize the guest’s stay.

For example, if a woman calls to book a stay and mentions to the receptionist that the stay is to mark her 25th wedding anniversary, the receptionist can note this detail in the guest profile. When this woman checks in, the receptionist on duty will see the note and wish her and her spouse a happy anniversary. Not only will the couple be pleased you took the time to highlight this important event in their lives, you can also increase the satisfaction of these lovebirds by offering them a free bottle of wine in their room. These personal touches can be simple or more elaborate. Simply calling a guest by their name is a detail that is sure to please, especially if they are regular guests.

Decidedly, these little details can have a positive impact on guest satisfaction. You may also want to consider equipping your televisions with a tool that welcomes guests by name. Keep in mind that it’s also possible for the guest to customize their own experience. Indeed, several in-room customization options exist that allow guests to modify some options directly. For example, they can select the colour of the mood lighting or create a list of favourite channels on the entertainment system. Finally, consider offering guests the opportunity to create their own custom package. Whether they’re booking by phone or via a booking engine, guests will be delighted to create a personalized package tailored to their needs, which will naturally have a positive impact on their satisfaction level by extension.


To further increase guest satisfaction, you must innovate. Always be on the lookout for new ways of doing things. If you’re lucky enough to have a recurring clientele, consider introducing a loyalty program. Try to find ways to renew your offering by adding fresh activities or features, such as a new spa treatment, a new dish on your menu or a new décor. Make the most of all the opportunities open to you! Also, remember that a new service or feature is a great pretext for communicating with previous guests, especially by email, to invite them to come back and discover what’s new. These innovations will make your offering unique, thereby setting you apart from the competition.