A receipt? By email!

Printing receipts or accounts receivable is nor the most eco-friendly nor the most efficient way to go. By sending these documents by email via your PMS System, you personally help sustain the environment, speed up the process and save money.

Une facture? Par email!

A more sustainable solution

As a business, picking which values you stand for and respect is important. Sustainable development is a challenge you should consider, and limiting your consumption of paper when sending receipts is a good way to start.

By sending receipts and accounts receivable by e-mail, you significantly reduce your environmental footprint by reducing the amount of paper you consume. The trees will certainly be very grateful.

While storing data in order to be able to send e-mails also leaves a noticeable ecological footprint, choosing to be a paperless business can be of interest. Taking into account the number of daily receipts that a hotel generates, the amount of paper, envelopes, stamps and transport needed to send these is significant. You also need to consider all the accounts receivables bills sent to your suppliers by your PMS System. In addition to the various uses one may have for this paper, you need to think of all the waste that it generates. Realistically, not all of this paper will end up being recycled. It is thus a waste of resources that could easily be avoided simply by choosing to send accounts receivable by e-mail.

A quicker solution

In addition to contributing to our planet’s overall health, sending receipts and accounts receivables by e-mail is quicker and much more efficient. When sending them by standard mail, you risk losing the bills, sending them to the wrong address or even damaging them during transport. When sending them by e-mail, you eliminate the risk for any potential error. Additionally, the person you are sending the bill to will instantaneously receive it, without the risking it reaching the wrong department within their business. It is also easier to store bills received by e-mail.

When they are stored on the Cloud or on a computer, they become protected from any potential physical breach. They can also be filed and recovered at any time. It goes without saying that in order to find a particular receipt, this is a much quicker task than having to go through numerous physical folders. You can notify the sender of the receipt if you spot a mistake almost immediately by answering to his/her e-mail. This is also much quicker than by standard mail. Finally, keeping track of your bills is easier and quicker when you use e-mails. You can store and file them in a single folder from which they can be found very efficiently.

A cost-efficient solution

By sending receipts and accounts receivable bills by e-mail, you will have less paper to purchase, and therefore all costs associated with printing, ink and shipping will be reduced. This way you will be left with more into your hands. It is also more cost-efficient as all the time allocated to putting the receipts in envelopes and shipping them can now be used for other important tasks.

Beyond receipts

You can also communicate with your clients by e-mail. For example, you can send them newsletters and booking confirmations, which they can then save and store on their computer. This way they will be able to look up any e-mails you sent them in an instant.  When a client arrives at your hotel, an online booking record is a way to avoid having to print a new booking record for each client which can thus saves you a lot of paper. The online booking record allows clients to confirm all of their information before they arrive which then guarantees the data in your PMS System is accurate.

Within each department, the consumption of paper can be significantly reduced, if not completely eliminated. For example, with housekeeping, the list of the rooms can be found on a mobile app rather than on a printed sheet of paper. In addition to reducing your paper consumption, you also improve your staff’s overall efficiency as working with a mobile app is much quicker and easier. 

When it comes to accounting, you can send different reports by e-mail via your PMS System or via the integration between your PMS System and your business’ accounting system. Adjusting the way you work with different ways of communications can have a great impact on reducing your overall paper consumption.

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